Before You Go To Jordan

Are You Participating in The Upcoming Dig?

US Citizens: Have cash on hand, as you will need to buy a visa. Jordan issues visas to U.S. citizens for a fee at the airport. The visa currently costs 20 JD ($28 USD) for a single entry, 40 JD ($56 USD) for two entries, and 60 JD ($84 USD) for a multiple entry.

Non-US Citizens: It is your responsibility to make sure you understand the visa requirements for your nationality.

Please take time to find information on your country’s embassy in Jordan. For US citizens, the address and phone numbers are:

U.S. Embassy in Amman
Al-Umayyaween Street, Abdoun neighborhood, PO Box 354, Amman 11118
Telephone: [962] (6) 590-6000
Emergency after-hours telephone: [962] (6) 590-6500
Facsimile: [962] (6) 592-4102
The U.S. Embassy is open Sunday through Thursday.

The US State Department also recommends that you register with the embassy, in case of emergency. Please visit

If you are not a US citizen, we recommend that you also register with your country’s embassy.

As you probably know, Muslims are very conservative and modest in their dress. Even though they are used to seeing tourists dressed in a western style, we ask our participants to be as respectful as possible of our host’s costumes, by not dressing like the common tourists. That would mean:

For Women: avoiding shorts, short skirts, low cleavage blouses and shirts, tank tops, very tight clothes.

For men: avoiding short shorts, long shorts (you can wear them for touring, but not for digging), sleeveless t-shirts.

What you wear also depends on where you are:

At the Hotel

We have some liberty at the Hotel. There you can wear capris, t-shirts and even modest (not low-cut) tank tops. The Hotel also has a swimming pool, where a one piece swimsuit would be appropriate. 

At the Dig Site

Due to the sun and our direct contact with the local Muslim people in the village, this is where both our behavior and dress should be the most careful. We ask that men and women wear full length pants, not too low on the waist. No tank tops, no cleavage, nothing sleeveless (even for guys). T-shirts (not too tight) are okay, but be careful not to show your belly.

Touring (See Weekend Schedule Below)

The general guidelines for touring depend on where we’re going.  When touring in places that are not tourist centers dress should reflect the same standards as we keep on the dig site.  When traveling to tourist centers such as Petra, long shorts for guys, or capris for girls would be fine.  When touring there is a bit more flexibility, but out of respect for our hosts we don’t necessarily go as far as other tourists do: nothing too short, nothing low-cut.

Saturday, May 19:  Amman Citadel and Theatre (Morning); MPP sites (Afternoon)

Sunday, May 20:  Free day

Saturday, May 26:  Northern Jordan Tour:  Jerash, Ajlun, Umm Qais and Jordan Valley

Sunday, May 27:  Dead Sea and Baptismal Site

Friday, June 1:  Trip to Petra via Desert Highway and Shoubak

Saturday, June 2:  Petra Tour

Sunday, June 3:  Return from Petra via King's Highway, Kerak and Wadi Mujib.

Jordan is a country with very different customs from ours (“westerners”), especially in regards to the interaction of men and women. Eye contact and smiling isn’t seen as politeness but as flirting. Be very attentive how you interact with the opposite gender there, not only with the Jordanians, but with your dig friends also. Any physical contact between men and women in public is seen as inappropriate, even between husband and wife. When the Jordanians see the guys and girls on the dig interacting too closely they might misinterpret that to say something about the character of that particular girl.

Jordanian men are very protective of their women, so it is appropriate for our group to act the same way. We recommend that girls don’t go out unaccompanied, that means making sure that there is a guy in the group. The guys should also watch out for the girls in the dig, and help them out if Jordanian men are being inappropriate.

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