Excavate at Tall Jalul

Our next excavation will take place June 25-July 28, 2017.

1. As your first step, please download and fill out the security form required by the Jordanian government. THIS FORM NEEDS TO BE TYPED. This is due FEBRUARY 1, 2017. There are no exceptions. Even if you think there is only a slight chance you may participate, you need to fill out this form. It is easier to pull out of the excavation than to try to get in late.

We also need a scan of your passport ID page.

Please email the security form, 2x2 photo, and your passport to hornmuseum@andrews.edu.

Download the security form: Word ONLY (Must be TypeD!)

2. The second step is filling out the application packet. This packet is due by MARCH 3, 2017. Please read all instructions carefully.

On March 3 we also require a $500.00 deposit (AU students only).

Mail your packet and deposit to: Tall Jalul Excavation, Andrews University, 9047 US 31, Berrien Springs, MI 49104-0990, USA.

Download the application form: PDF ONLY (Must include relevant signatures!)

3. The third step is payment for the dig. The full amount of the dig participation fee is due on JUNE 1, 2017.

Information Regarding CostS

You are responsible for your own airfare. You will pay $700/week ($100/day), plus additional costs for weekend excusions and activities (variable depending on the excursion/activity). E-mail Dr. Paul Gregor with your dates and he will give you a definite cost based on the weekends you will be with us. Email: pgregor@andrews.edu.

You should register for academic credit (masters and doctoral level only) through Andrews University following normal registration procedures. Please visit the Andrews Students page for more information about costs.

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