Balua Arrival/Departure Form 2019

Please complete this form in its entirety and submit.  Purchasing flights early is almost always more cost-effective, but make sure you have been accepted on the project before finalizing flight arrangements.

Note on Arrival and Departure Dates:
To be guaranteed transport by the project between Amman and Balu'a, you must arrive into Queen Alia International Airport by early evening on Thursday, June 20 and depart after late afternoon on Friday, August 2. This means your flights may begin on June 20 or earlier if you are flying from North America (pay attention to the arrival date on your ticket!). Those arriving before June 20 and leaving after August 2 will need to make their own arrangements, at their own cost, for staying overnight in Amman, though we will be happy to make recommendations and assist as we can with making reservations. For any questions do not hesitate to contact Monique Vincent at

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